Google Home New Updates and New Features for Sept 16 2018

via IFTTT Google Home New Updates and New Features for Sept 16 2018

There are a ton of new Google Home updates and new Google Assistant features to talk about this week in 2018. September has been a busy month already, and we’re looking forward to more Google Home features! We’re still waiting on Google Duplex, for example. – Google Assistant can now alternate between two languages seamlessly – Obviously Google Home and Google Assistant can both change between languages on the fly now. Vielen Dank!
anguages-australia-canada-germany-india-uk/ – Google Assistant routines are rolling out in more languages in Australia, Canada, Germany, India, and the UK – Enough said. Google Home routines in many more countries!
peakers/ – Google Assistant routines now working again for third-party smart speakers – On the flip side, Google Home and Google Assistant really struggled with Routines executing on Smart Displays and third-party speakers for the week or so. Not any longer. – Google confirms that its Assistant is acting strangely again – On top of those issues, Google’s had a few outages on their Google Home and Google Assistants. I think it’s related to all the new functions Google is adding.
st/ – Google Assistant now shows info on TVs with Chromecast – Finally, visual information while watching Netflix on Chromecast devices! All through your Google Home.
google-assistant/ – Lenovo’s new Smart Home Essentials lineup works with Google Assistant, starts at $29 – Lenovo has put out a new smart home lineup, with a smart bulb, a smart plug, and a smart camera.
ant-speakers-plus-new-soundbars-chromecast-built/ – Harman Kardon unveils more Google Assistant speakers, plus new soundbars with Chromecast built in
– Well then, I guess it’s not just the Citation 500 with the Google Assistant on board.
ogle-assistant-early-2019/ – Electrolux smart ovens will work with Google Assistant in early 2019 – Hey Google, burn my food.
rojector-works-google-assistant-alexa/ – Optoma’s new Android-powered UHL55 projector works with Google Assistant and Alexa – Well this seems a little more useful, with an Android-powered projector and the ability to watch Netflix using just your voice. Yep.
tant-feed-and-smart-replies-to-your-watch/ – Wear OS is bringing a Google Assistant feed and smart replies to your watch – With everything going on with Apple and their new Apple Watch 4, Google had better improve Wear OS and make it work better with Google Assistant. They are.

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