Google Home New Updates and New Features for May 13 2018 – Google I/O 2018

via IFTTT Google Home Updates and New Features for May 13 2018

The Google Home and Google Assistant are getting all kinds of new features and new updates in 2018. Google IO 2018 showed us a massive amount of updates for the Google Home and Google Assistant, and I go through those for you on Automate Your Life.

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The Google Assistant now has a new feature called Google Duplex. Google Duplex is an incredible upgrade to the Google Assistant. It’s a massive upgrade of the AI and therefore the capability of the Assistant. Google Duplex was shown by Google to be capable of navigating phone calls with businesses (like a hair salon and a restaurant) for you. Google Duplex allowed a complete conversation to go on without a person being aware. The Google Assistant was able to book a hair appointment, as well as ensure that a reservation was not needed at a restaurant. This means that very soon, you’ll be able to ask Google Home to book you appointments and it will respond that it has done so. Here’s the demo video I mention in the video:

Google Home will have Continued Conversation capability. Some people are calling this Google Home hot mic. This means that you’ll be able to say “Hey Google” once and from there each query can be done without repeating the wake phrase. What’s more is this will let you ask follow up questions or request follow up actions.

On top of this is the Google Assistant Multiple Actions capability that will be out soon. You’ll be able to put an “and” between your two queries or requests and Google Home will be able to handle it. As in, you can turn on two lights, ask for the weather in two places, and there are many other examples.

The Google Home and Google Assistant already have 6 new voice assistants onboard today. If you’re using English as your language, they are there. What’s more, people like John Legend will be used in the future as a Google Assistant voice. Talk about immortality….

Routines have been a bit of a frustrating topic for people outside of the US, however Google is now announcing the capability for custom routines, as well as scheduled custom routines on the Google Home. What’s more, the custom routines will have access to the over 1 million actions now available with the Google Assistant or Google Home. All of these actions are the result of 5000 devices being capable of integrating with Google Home, as well as the incredible growth of the Google Assistant app store.

2 more updates related to Google Home. 80 countries will have access to the Google Assistant, and 7 new countries will have a Google Home by the end of 2018. The 80 countries with a Google Assistant are likely to have a version of Google Home soon after their Assistant shows up, as we’ve seen in the past.

Moving on to some specific product updates: The Google Home Max will be available in Canada on May 16th for $499. I can’t wait to get one myself, especially since Google has gone ahead and began issuing an update for the Google Home Max latency issue.

Google Play Movies will now play through your Google Home device. You can request a Google Play Movie to be cast on your Google Chromecast or Smart TV with Google Assistant on board.

Now of course, there is much more that came to us from Google I/O 2018. There were 100 updates during the event. Not all of them are related to the Google Home and Google Assistant, however many of them are related to your Smart Home or your home automation efforts. I’ll be producing another video that will help you understand some of those updates. Stay Tuned for that.

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