Google Home New Updates and New Features for June 15 2018

via IFTTT Google Home New Updates and New Features for June 15 2018

Google Home and the Google Assistant have all kinds of new updates and new features. This latest video for new Google Home updates in 2018 takes you through all the latest new features for Google Home and the Google Assistant.

First up this week is Google Home’s new multiple actions feature. This time, you can ask Google Home and the Google Assistant to complete three actions at the same time. Simply add “and” in between each item you request of Google Home to complete, and it will all get done. The Google Assistant will even respond to each of the three commands you’ve given separately to give you confirmation.

Google’s partners who are in the midst of creating Smart Displays have started to give us signs that their products are ready. Google is also giving us signs with the Google Assistant and Google Home apps starting to show “Smart Display” in the settings or in features in their respective apps. You can now find apps, actions, and settings that say they work with a Smart Display.

The Xbox One and Google Assistant will work together very soon. It’s unclear what the Google Assistant will be able to do on Xbox One, but we know that you’ll be able to choose Google Assistant over Cortana, as well as Alexa. Either way, you’re going to be able to trigger some actions with your Xbox One very soon.

Starbucks works with Google Home and the Google Assistant. You’ll be able to order Starbucks on your Google Home, and the same holds true for Applebee’s and for Dunkin’ Donuts and the Google Home. All 3 of these restaurants/cafes allow you to order through the Google Home. This was part of the features announced at Google I/O 2018, so it’s nice to see some of those coming out.

Children and the Google Home are getting familiar with new apps from 4 different children content creators. Little Baby Bum has a new Google Assistant app, as well as Moshii Twilight, Learning Time with Timmy, and HarperCollins all have created new Google Assistant apps to help you with your toddler or young child. I’d call this the next big battle between Google and Amazon, as they both work to get more and more content for children. These applications will help you with your children on topics from getting your child to sleep, to learning about vegetables, reading, and everything in between.

Another battle brewing between Amazon and Google is related to groceries and retail sales. Google and Carrefour have partnered in France and you can now buy your groceries through Google Home there. This is a great move for Google and for the Google Home.

Thai is the latest language to be added to the Google Assistant, and we all know this is a precursor to Google Home going to Thailand. Thank goodness…we can all talk to Google while we’re on vacation!

There is a new UI coming to the Google Home and Google Assistant applications, based on Google’s Material Design themes. Both the podcasts section, and a brand new “Coming Up For You” section of the Google Assistant application have been given Material Design updates that look great and run great.

In a couple of days, I’m going to give an update about when all the new Google Home and Google Assistant features will be available. These are the ones coming from Google I/O 2018 (to the US), but I’ll also tell you what I know about when the features are coming to countries outside of the US.

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