Google Home New Updates and New Features for August 31, 2018

via IFTTT Google Home New Updates and New Features for August 31, 2018

The Google Home and Google Assistant have all kinds of new updates and new features for this week in 2018, and I go through all of them here in my latest update video for the Google Home and Google Assistant. These videos follow the Google Home and Google Assistant updates as they go through their latest development phase.

Specifically, this week we’re seeing the Google Assistant everywhere! That’s because of IFA 2018, as well as a number of updates from Google themselves. – Google Assistant now controls your Nest x Yale smart lock

It’s about time that the #GoogleHome and #GoogleAssistant could work with your Nest x Yale Smart Lock. You can now lock your door and use routines to do that as well. – Meet the first 4K security cameras to rock Google Assistant smarts

Swann is a major security camera producer, and now with a Google Home and a Google Chromecast, you can see all of your 4K security cameras on your TV. – Google Assistant for more Chromebooks is still on the way

The older Chromebooks still don’t have Google Assistant. That may be changing, however. It looks like Chrome OS will have an opt-in button for Google Assistant. – Google Assistant Gets Marathi Language Support, Working With Third-Party Apps For Better Integration

Enough said. – Android Messages tests integration with Google Assistant

Android messages are being integrated with Google Assistant. It appears that the Google Assistant will chime in and provide you opportunities for information. – Google Assistant’s latest feature delivers just the ‘good news’

I love getting the news, but I don’t love negative spins on the news. This latest feature from Google allows you to get just the good news. – Google might be planning to replace Voice Search with Google Assistant on Pixel devices

It looks like the Pixel 3’s Voice Search capability will be replaced with the Google Assistant. This makes sense, here’s hoping it’s retroactive. – Google App tests a new layout for the Google Assistant settings page

I love the new layout of the Google Assistant settings page. It appears more like an account page and has a better breakdown for users. It’s not yet deployed, however. – LG 2018 TVs in 7 new markets to get Google Assistant

Google Assistant on 2018 LG ThinQ TV owners in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, South Korea, Spain and the United Kingdom. – LG’s wireless Tone headphones have a Google Assistant button

The Tone Platinum SE headphones will have a button, not a wake word, to use the Google Assistant. I like this approach to things you’ll be out and about with. – LG adds XBOOM Go and Google Assistant-powered XBOOM AI ThinQ to its XBOOM audio line-up

The XBoom lineup is a group of heavy-hitting smart speakers. The XBoom AI W7 and W9 both have the Google Assistant on board. – Harman Kardon Announces New Google Assistant Smart Speaker

Harman Kardon now has 3 voice assistants on their products: Cortana, Alexa, and the Google Assistant. This is a $700 USD smart speaker, though. – Bang & Olufsen’s pricey BeoSound line gets Google Assistant

Speaking of pricey speakers, how about the BeoSound 1 and 2 at $1750 and $2250 respectively? – JBL Link Bar soundbar w/ Google Assistant and Android TV up for pre-order at $399, ships Oct.

I like the JBL Link Bar as an alternative to the Sonos Beam. Cheaper, and with Google Assistant.

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