Google Home New Updates and New Features for August 19, 2018

via IFTTT Google Home New Updates and New Features for August 19, 2018

The Google Home has all kinds of new updates and new features for this week in 2018, and I go through all of them here in my latest update video for the Google Home and Google Assistant. These videos follow the Google Home and Google Assistant updates as they go through their latest development phase.

Google is reportedly launching its own smart display later this year

Some of Google’s supply chain has actually come out and has said that Google intends to ship 3 million Google Smart Display tablets with Google Assistant on board this Christmas season. They’re aggressively pushing to build their own tablet and have it out on the market, to go with the latest Lenovo and JBL Smart Displays.

Sonos CEO hints Google Assistant will arrive on speakers in time for holiday shopping

This is something I have felt like I’ve been waiting for forever. Google Assistant on the Sonos One and Sonos Beam. There is a stated deadline of December 31st of this year for Sonos from their own CEO in order to get Google Assistant on board. What’s unclear is which devices will receive the Google Assistant. We saw Airplay 2 go onto Sonos One and Sonos Beam speakers, but no others.

Google Assistant Can Now Read Google News Stories To You

Although this new feature will start in the US, my assumption is that it will be everywhere very soon. US Android phones were given the capability of reading news reports directly from Google News through the Google Assistant. What’s more, is you’ll be able to ask Google to tell you specific news topics/stories and this will let you cater your news to you through your Google Home.

Pandora Premium comes to Google Assistant-powered devices

Pandora is one of the most requested music services here on Automate Your Life. Well, now those of you who have a Pandora Premium subscription can get it on Google Home. Also, most Google Assistant-enabled speakers will have access to Pandora.

Google Assistant can now speak Swedish

There’s not a ton to say about this, except that Swedish is now available on the Google Assistant. That doesn’t mean your Google Home has Swedish, but they’re getting there. It’s a standard pattern that Google Assistant gets a language and then Google Home does.

Google is working on a “Face Match” feature for Google Assistant

This is a bit of hearsay at this point, but it appears that Google Assistant is going to gain a face match type feature. I’d liken it to what Apple has done with their iPhones, and it appears that the code is already being added into Google Assistant. My bet is that both the Pixel 3 and some of the Google Smart Displays will have this capability to face match.

GLAS, the $319 Cortana-powered thermostat, is getting Alexa and Google Assistant support

GLAS is a smart thermostat that initially was shown with Cortana on board. What’s happened recently is that GLAS (by Johnson Controls) has been integrated with both Alexa and Google Assistant. You will be able to control GLAS with Google Home.

Google is working on native hearing aid support for Android

This isn’t exactly news for the Google Home or Google Assistant, but I’m betting it will be soon. I’m also betting that lots of people using home automation will care about native hearing aid support being added to Android’s list of capabilities. Through a partnership with a Danish company, Google is adding essentially a Bluetooth capability for hearing aids to their Android tablets and phones. It remains to be seen how this is moved to Google Home or Google Assistant, but my guess is it’s very likely.

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