Google Home Hands-Free Calling – iPhone and Android Setup

via IFTTT Google Home Hands-Free Calling – iPhone and Android Setup

The Google Home makes hands-free calling easy and for free in the US and Canada! I absolutely love Google Home phone calls simply because I can use all of my iPhone contacts and/or Android contacts and make a hands-free call. The Google Assistant takes care of us and the Google Home has a great speaker and mic.

In this video, I set up Google Home to make phone calls and show you how to ensure your iPhone Contacts are transferred to Google Home.
If you have an Android, you don’t need to sync your contacts. They will be available on your Google Home as long as you ensure one setting is enabled inside the Google Home Application.

With your contacts synced to Google Home, you will have emails and phone numbers available to you (although email can’t be used yet). You will also have nicknames available to you as you tell Google to “call my hubby” or “call my wife”.

Enjoy making hands free phone calls with your Google Home. It’s a fun experience!

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