Google Home and Siri Integration – Using Siri Shortcuts to Drive Google Assistant Actions

via IFTTT Siri and Google Home Integration – Using Siri Shortcuts to Drive Google Assistant Actions

Those of you with an iPhone and an iPad know that Apple’s Siri is the voice assistant that you’ve been forced to use for a long time. Well, now with Siri Shortcuts on iOS, you can pull up the Google Assistant application and therefore use your home automation with Google Home, Google Home Mini, Google Home Hub, and of course the Google Assistant.

In this tutorial video, I show you the easiest way to get Siri and Google Home working together. I show you how to create shortcuts quickly and efficiently, and then how to ensure that you have easy ways to use those new shortcuts. With these shortcuts, you can drive all kinds of home and life automation, including running routines, playing music, videos, and much more.

After you link Siri to Google Assistant through Shortcuts and the Google Assistant application, you simply need to execute commands on your Google Assistant application. Once you’ve executed those commands (with the right settings on your iOS device), they show up as Siri Suggestions in the Shortcuts application. From there, it’s just a matter of placing them into the different shortcuts you’d like.

All in all #Siri shortcuts and #GoogleHome or #GoogleAssistant integration is going to be very useful and it’ll allow all of us to really drive a lot of great integration with our iPhones.

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