Google Home and iPhone Calendar Synchronization

Google Home and iPhone Calendar Synchronization – iPhone Calendar and Google Calendar Synchronization

The Google Home suite of products, including the Google Home, Google Home Mini, Max, and Google Home Hub all have the ability to create calendar events, and now we’re seeing some of the very basics of changing calendar events (you can now use a Delete It button on a Google Home Hub to remove a calendar event).

However, what has always been difficult is to synchronize your iOS or iPhone calendar with the Google Home or Google Assistant. This video shows you the easiest way to sync your iPhone calendar with Google Home and also gives you what I consider to be the best way to manage calendars with a Google Home and an iPhone.

In my opinion, iPhone users should switch to Google Calendar instead of the iOS Calendar application.

This synchronization between iPhone and Google calendars uses IFTTT to create events on one calendar that’s created on another. Watch the video and you’ll see how good this sync is, and how this is best utilized.

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