Google Home and Amazon Echo Working Together!

via IFTTT Google Home and Amazon Echo Working Together!

Who would have ever thought I could get the Google Home and the Amazon Echo (Alexa) working together? Well, I did it. Sure, they’re not working on complex issues or solving world hunger, but we are able to connect the two devices using Bluetooth.

We use the Amazon Alexa application on our Android device and use it to connect to our Google Home. Although the Google Home has an Android and an iOS application, neither are actually needed for this integration. We can simply ask Google Home to pair Bluetooth and then ask our Amazon Echo to pair Bluetooth as well. From there, the Amazon Alexa application allows us to pair the two together.

It was fun to get the Amazon Echo’s jokes playing through the Google Home speaker and I’m going to continue to look for other ways to get these two home automation devices working together.

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