Google Chromecast Music and Multi-Room Audio Setup

via IFTTT Google Chromecast Music and Multi-Room Audio Setup

The V2 and V3 Google Chromecast devices can now be used as music players in your home through the Google Home application. Not only that, but they can be added to multi-room audio setups, and so what is often your biggest and best speaker in the house (your home entertainment system) can be used with Google Home and the Google Assistant.

This video moves a little quickly through some of the initial setup, but there’s a full setup guide on your iPhone or Android device starting at 8:53. Go ahead and skip ahead if you’d like to get details on the setup within the application.

In terms of utilizing V2 and V3 Google Chromecasts to play music, your Cast Firmware version only needs to be Version 1.36 or greater. Once you’re there, you’re ready to go and you can start choosing that device to play music on. You can choose through the application or you can ask another Google Home or Google Assistant-enabled device to play music on your Chromecast.

Multi-Room audio setup with #Google #Chromecast is nearly just as easy, with you just needing to add your Chromecast to a Multi-Room audio group in the #GoogleHome application. Once that’s done, you get to the really difficult task of synchronizing your multi-room audio speakers.

Synchronizing your multi-room audio speakers within the Google Home application is not difficult if you know how to do it. Essentially, you need to find the speaker that is the furthest in the song and the speaker that’s the furthest behind in the song. Once you’ve found those two, you delay the one furthest behind in the song until it matches with the speaker furthest in the song.

From there, it’s a simple matter of delaying your other speakers and voila, you’re all done.

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