Google Assistant New Updates and New Features for February 8, 2019

Google Assistant New Updates and New Features for February 8, 2019

The latest Google Assistant news, Google Home features, and new products for all of Google’s smart home products are here for you. This week, we get some of the new features that were talked about at CES 2019 by Google.

Google Assistant’s interpreter mode is now available –

Interpreter Mode is now available for you to interpret 26 different languages with your #GoogleAssistant and #GoogleHome devices. The Google Home Hub and Smart Displays show the translation as well.

I’ve also been able to synchronize a second calendar on my Gmail account to Google Home and the Google Assistant. This means I can share calendars as well.

Finally, it’s possible that your Google Home Hub will receive Continued Conversations soon. That’s not a confirmed service, but a possibility.

Nest’s security hub doubles as a Google Assistant device –

Nest has turned their Guard hub into a Google Home Mini, as far as I’m concerned. And, following up on last week’s Nest “security breach”, Nest has sent out an email to all of their product owners. Google also released its Password Checkup app in the web-store that allows you to watch your accounts in real-time.

Google’s Password Checkup –

Google is re-adding routine support to Assistant on Chromebooks –

It’s still in dev, but Chromebooks are all going to get Routine support from your Google Home or Google Assistant.

Your Amazon Echo or Google Home Hub could soon dial 999 for you –

In England, I guess it’s 999 to dial for an emergency? Well, we know that Google and the police service in London are working on the ability for your #GoogleHome to dial 999 for you.

MIUI 10.2.1 adds a Google Assistant gesture shortcut for Xiaomi devices –

Hold the power button for .5 seconds and get your Google Assistant? Yes please. Additional support is likely to come for gestures as well for MiUI 10.2.1 and greater Xiaomi phones.

Google Home can now add sound effects and music to story time with certain children’s books –

You can now add sound effects and music to your child’s storytime. There are a ton of great books here as well for children, including Disney and other classics.

Google Assistant notifications were broken on Android –

Gus, you were right. They were broken.

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