Google Assistant at CES 2019 – New Updates, Features, Products, and Integration

via IFTTT Google Assistant at CES 2019 – New Updates, Features, Products, and Integration

Google is at CES 2019 in a big way, and I am going to bring you all the latest news, newest features, brand new products (with Google Assistant on board), and the newest integration capabilities for the Google Assistant.

Highlights of this video:

Google Assistant has been integrated (or will be) into Google Maps. This will ensure Google Assistant goes out to a ton of new users. There’s also a new auto-reply and punctuation capability for messages on Google Assistant devices. Broadcasting is the easy demonstration to make, but there’s also messaging on Android phones.

The new interpreter mode is in real-time and lets you get real-time language translation, which we’ve seen in previous versions of Google’s Pixel Buds. There are also boarding pass options for you on flights in the US right now (although not many flights), and there’s also the ability for more phones and tablets to access the Assistant while on the lock screen.

The biggest news as far as I’m concerned is the new Google Assistant Gadgets platform that Google is rolling out. We saw an e-ink screen and a button being demonstrated at Google’s CES area. Both of them were relatively low-key devices that wouldn’t take a lot to produce. What’s nice about this new platform is that it will drive small pieces of functionality in terms of Google Assistant Actions and in terms of routines, and ultimately, automation.

Now for some of the new integration with existing products. Philips Hue now allows voice commands for the “sun”. March timeline. Scheduling is possible, so I expect Routines.

There was confirmation that Google Assistant is coming to Sonos speakers…again, integration with Dish Hopper, and the new orbit B-Hyve sprinkler integration. Samsung is also “working very closely with Google” to make Google Maps, Gmail, Google Play and YouTube work with Bixby. This includes integration on their TVs as well.

In terms of new products at #CES2019, Google announced that there is over 1 billion Google Assistant enabled products on the market. That’s incredible. Here are a few of the new ones:

In the Kitchen

Kitchen Aid Smart Display with Google Assistant will be $200-$300 in Q3 of 2019. There’s also the giant 27″ GE Kitchen Hub, which runs from $1200 – $1400 USD. Instant Pot? Yes, please. You’ll need the Wifi Pressure Cooker model though. There’s also the Gourmia 11 in 1 multifunction cooker. There’s also new recipes integration with Innit, a mobile app that helps you filter by dietary restrictions and preferences. Your Google Home Hub can get those recipes and videos.

The Bathroom
The SimpleHuman Smart Mirror has Google Assistant on it, a light, and speaker. Two models for $350 – $400 USD. Capstone Connected has the same, but with a touchscreen and Play apps! Kohler released a whole set of bathroom products, and the U by Moen is a smart shower. All have Google Assistant integration.

In the Bedroom, we saw a new smart alarm clock from Lenovo for $80 USD. As for stereos:

I love the look of the Marley Get together Mini at $199 USD. Bluetooth and chargeable for up to 6 hours. Klipsch put out a 48 inch, 48 W soundbar with Google Assistant, and the Citation series from Harman Kardon was added to.

All Over The House – A new Daiken One+ thermostat, TP-Link’s new $50 1080p smart camera and a new light switch with the voice assistant on board, new C by GE Smart Lighting, and the Currant Smart Wall Outlet all came out at CES 2019. Ikea also has smart blinds!

In the car, the JBL Link Drive at $60 with noise cancelling abilities, and the Roav Bolt at $50 with charge ports. The Bolt is ready, JBL this Spring.

At the Door

Tons of new smart doorbells, locks, etc.. Onlink has a new doorbell which plays through other OneLink smoke detectors, TP-Link has a new wired smart doorbell with 2K HD video, and the new Maximus has two cameras on it (one watches your packages, one watches people).

Out and About – GA, Alexa, Siri support – Assistant built right in…except you say “Assistant” when that feature is enabled. – Vuzix Blade smart glasses – takes video and photos, plays audio through headphones. Can also display images, video, apps, messages


More new products from TP-Link: a Wire-Free Outdoor Security Camera and Kasa’s IP65 water-resistant one for $45.

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