G1 Battery Base for Google Home Mini by Kiwi Design Labs

Kiwi Design G1 Battery Base for Google Home Mini

Kiwi Design Labs developed a battery base for the Google Home Mini: The G1!

You can now take your Google Home Mini where ever there is a WiFi connection. Just plug in the base and away you go.

The G1 Battery Base lasts approx. 12 hours [7800mAh], depending on how many times you say ‘Hey Google’ or ‘Ok Google’.

There is also a power button on the back so you can conserve energy. The battery base is made of durable plastic; it sits well on any surface.

The ‘G1’ uses the Google Home Mini charger to charge the battery base, so don’t throw that away.

The battery base also comes with a handle for carrying. The Google Home Mini stays nice and snug while hanging from the handle. You can try walking around the house with the Google Home Mini.


  1. Vehicle: Most new vehicles have WiFi built in. You can place the battery base somewhere secure (please make sure it’s secure). Especially if you don’t have your mobile device with you, or your significant other leaves you in the vehicle without the phone, you can use the Google Home Mini in your vehicle. Note: You will have to setup the Google Home Mini with your Google Home First.
  2. Camping: Imagine going camping and having the Google Home Mini sitting with you at your campsite, playing music, answering questions, telling jokes. I think I’m going to give this a try when we have WiFi available during camping trips!
  3. Anywhere: You may not have thought that you can bring your Google Home Mini with you to the mall, the store, wherever. Replace the Magic Eight Ball! It’s got some weight, but bearable for the large purse, back-pack, or diaper bag. Now you can have the Google Home Mini with you in case you don’t have a mobile device with you.

Enjoy! Thanks for reading.

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