For Our Subscribers – Direction for Remainder of 2018 and Your Opinion…Please!

via IFTTT For Our Subscribers – Direction for Remainder of 2018 and Your Opinion…Please!

Well hello, there subscribers! Automate Your Life has gone through some changes, simply due to the fact that there are so many new home automation offerings out there. The fact is, it’s been hard to keep up with and I’m unable to do everything I want. However, you’re my subscribers and I want to make sure that you’re being served as best as I can. Until the end of 2018, I have a bit of a plan to help people with some specific things.

Obviously, the Google Home Hub and the Lenovo Smart Display are big decision points for a lot of people. The new Amazon Echo suite of products are also causing people to look at them. What’s more, Apple has come out with the new Shortcuts capabilities and I want to cover that. All of this needs to happen before the end of the year.

One of the other things that I feel needs to happen is I feel the need to help people sort through the home automation world and help them to make purchasing decisions. I think it’s important to do this and I think it makes a big difference in people’s lives.

Now that’s basically my plan until the end of 2018. I’ll start with tutorial videos again towards December, but really what I want is to hear from you, my subscribers, and get clear on what you’d like to see for a channel direction. There’s so much out there and I love what we’re doing now, but I want to make sure you’re happy and getting what you need from Automate Your Life.

Now, I did go out and create a Teespring store. If you’d like to help out the channel, head here: I don’t make a ton on those products, but every little bit helps! Plus, it’s a way for you to show that you’re really working on automating your life, which is what we’re all here for.

If you need any recommendations for home automation products, here’s my Amazon Influencer Shop. Yes, I make money if you buy a product from Amazon through this link, but I’ve only included products I personally recommend. It’s a curated list of high-quality smart home products.

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