Echo Dot 3rd Generation vs Google Home Mini vs Echo Dot 2nd Generation

via IFTTT Echo Dot 3rd Generation vs Google Home Mini vs Echo Dot 2nd Generation

Now that we have access to the new Echo Dot 3rd generation device, let’s compare it to its main competitors. That is, the Echo Dot 2nd generation and of course, the Google Home Mini. It’s time to go Echo Dot vs Google Home Mini in a big way.

First off, the comparisons start with the speaker quality. This is first and foremost when we talk about a smart home speaker. Honestly, the Echo Dot 3 vs Echo Dot 2 is no comparison. Echo Dot 2 shouldn’t even be talked about on the same level. However, when we get to Echo Dot 3 vs Google Home Mini, things get a lot more interesting. Overall, the quality is relatively the same, but I enjoy the extra bass coming from the Echo Dot 3. This is something I can change on the Echo Dot 3 and the Google Home Mini (bass/treble), but ultimately I just find the new Echo Dot has a better overall sound.

In terms of look and feel, once again there isn’t even a comparison when we talk about the Echo Dot 2nd generation vs the Google Home Mini or the Echo Dot 3rd generation. The Echo Dot 2 looks like a hockey puck.

Amazon has learned from Google in terms of making their device look ready for anywhere in your home. The Echo Dot 3 vs the Google Home Mini has become a very close conversation. The only differentiator I still see is the fact that Google has a few more fun color choices, whereas the Amazon Echo Dot 3 is still only available in what is essentially shades of black and white.

This new #EchoDot with Alexa on board is nothing short of an impressive device at a price of only $49 USD. Here’s a link to purchase the 3rd generation Echo Dot on Amazon: (affiliate link).

The existing #GoogleHomeMini device is still available at many retailers, but also at It’s also $49 USD.

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