Echo Dot 2nd Generation Setup and Unboxing

via IFTTT Echo Dot 2nd Generation Setup and Unboxing

Here’s your Echo Dot YouTube Setup video for the 2nd generation device. We setup the echo dot and Alexa in our home using our Android tablet (keep in mind the setup is the same for the Echo Dot on iPhone or iPad). Of course, we also have to unbox our Echo Dot and show you everything inside the box you get from Amazon.

I start off with a quick comparison of the Echo Dot vs. the Echo and Echo Plus. It’s strange to consider, but really the only differences between the Echo and Echo Dot are the size and speakers. Similarly, the Echo Dot and Echo Plus have very few differences, with the speaker and the fact that the Echo Plus has Zigbee integrated within it being the key ones.

Once I’ve explained the differences between the devices, I go through an unboxing of the device and show you what you get. It’s really just the Echo Dot, a power adapter and a power cable. There are a few manuals as well, but that’s it.

From there, I show you how to setup the Echo dot through a bit of a user guide or tutorial. We go through the Alexa App on our Android tablet (which is exactly the same on the iPhone or iPad). Finally, I run you through the capabilities of customizing the name, location, sports teams, synchronizing calendars, etc.. Once the Echo Dot is all setup, I ask it about my favorite sports teams and we get an update.

If you’d like to purchase an Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation), here’s a link to it on Amazon:

I hope you enjoy this “how to” video for setting up the Echo Dot and I’ve already begun work on a comparison video for the Echo Dot vs. the Google Home Mini. Both are highly capable home automation devices and I’m looking forward to using both!

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