Circle With Disney Review and Attempted Setup

via IFTTT Circle With Disney Review and Attempted Setup

I purchased a Circle With Disney and tried to set it up in my home. This is my Circle With Disney Review and my initial setup video.

Having said that, I have bad news. I couldn’t get the Circle With Disney to work reliably. I could get the Circle to work, but only after an hour or so of support and after switching from an Android device to an iOS device.

Even after I had exhausted myself getting the device setup, and even after having to factory reset the Circle, I found myself with a device that wouldn’t work, at least not reliably.

After getting the Circle set up on my iPhone, I did manage to set up my family and most of the devices on my home network configured and working within the application.

Unfortunately, after spending hours working on getting everything set up, I had the iOS application stop working and was never able to get it back working.

At this time, I can’t recommend the Circle With Disney device for families. Disney will need to continue to work on the device and its software before I’m going to go and purchase another (because I returned the one I had).

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