BenQ ScreenBar Plus LED Computer Monitor Lamp

BenQ ScreenBar Plus LED

I have enjoyed BenQ’s monitors for the past couple of years. I have a BenQ FP93G X 19″ (oh, yes the ‘X’ is important), and a 24 inch RL2455 which I use as the main screen for most of my work and game-playing experience.

BenQ has come out with an LED Computer Monitor Lamp, and it looks like they have a solution to help reduce fatigue and improve your productivity.

So, you’re sitting in front of your computer studying (cramming), working on your latest report that needs to be finished yesterday, or hoping if you play Tomb Raider long enough, Lara would go out with you or drop you a line. The thing is, you probably don’t blink enough; Your eyes take the beating, draining the energy from you. It’s most likely that you have not adjusted the brightness or contrast since you took the monitor out of the box (should do a survey?).

Enter the BenQ ScreenBar Plus LED Computer Monitor Lamp.

BenQ has designed the e-Reading Lamp to help reduce the effects of e-lighting in your day/night. BenQ says it will effectively reduce the glare off your computer screen.

We’re excited to test this lamp out. In the meantime, you can buy your own BenQ reading lamp (Amazon) or check out their product sites for more information:

We’ll see you again when the ScreenBar arrives!

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