Automate Your Sump Pump – Update 1

via IFTTT Automate Your Sump Pump – Update 1

I wanted to give you an update on our sump pump automation video. This update is intended to let you know what went well and what didn’t go so well. From my perspective, the Automate Your Sump Pump video went well itself, but we have since struggled with one of the devices we used.

The Wemo Insight Switch itself has performed well. As long as your network in your house is not completely bogged down with traffic, the WeMo devices have worked well.

The second device we used was the D-Link Water Sensor. Now that device performed well for a little time and then I started to find that it wouldn’t actually turn off. After it had sensed water (and even though the water had been removed by our Sump Pump), it continued to think the water was present. This only happened sometimes but it caused my pump not to turn on again when water came back into the area, which is obviously a major concern when we’re talking about a sump pump.

There’s your update. I’ll continue to update the situation and provide better and better devices to use in your home and for your sump pump.

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