Amazon Prime Day 2018 – Smart Home Automation Deals of the Week – Echo, Google Home, Nest

Amazon Prime Day 2018 – Smart Home Automation Deals of the Week – Echo, Google Home, Nest

It’s Amazon Prime Day 2018 and there are a ton of sales on right now for all kinds of Home Automation and Smart Home products. The sales on Amazon Prime are great for automation, but Google is also fighting back with a July Google sale of their own.

Now full disclosure, the Amazon links below are affiliate links, but will not cost you a thing to click. I would make a small fee if you clicked on these links:

The Amazon Echo Show is $100 off, but my recommendation is actually to buy one of the Amazon Fire HD 8 or 10 Tablets, as they can now function just like an Echo Show. Here’s the pricing on those two devices: – Fire HD 8 Tablet for $49.99 – Fire HD 10 Tablet for $99.99

The Amazon Echo series is entirely on sale, and in the US there are a whole list of products. The Echo base lineup is all on sale below, including the Echo Dot Kids Edition: – Echo for $69.99 – Echo Dot for $29.99 – Echo Dot Kids Edition for $59.99 – Echo Spot for $99.99

A couple of my favorite deals are on the Echo Look and the Fire TV Cube. The Fire TV Cube is getting great reviews, and is about 30% off during Amazon Prime Day 2018. – Echo Look for $99.99 – Fire TV Cube for $89.99

Of course, the whole range of Fire TV sticks and the Pendant style HD version are on sale as well. Here are their links: – Fire TV Stick for $19.99 – Fire TV Pendant for $34.99

Amazon purchased the Ring set of products, and as such have included some of those in Amazon Prime Day. The Ring Video Doorbell Pro is on for $80 off. – Ring Video Doorbell Pro for $179.99

Of course, Amazon Prime is needed for all of these deals! – Amazon Prime Membership

Not to be undone, Google has gone and put on their own set of deals for the month of July. The Nest Thermostat E comes with a free Google Home Mini, while the Nest Hello is $30 off and also comes with a Google Home Mini for free.

On top of that, all of the Google Home smart speakers are on sale and are as cheap as I’ve ever seen them. The Google Home Mini is on sale, and is only $34 USD. That’s only $5 more than the Echo Dot. The Google Home is $30 off when you buy one, but $100 off when you buy two. Finally, the Google Home Max is $150 off, when you buy two of those great big smart home speakers. All of these deals can be found at What’s more, you can also get most of these deals at retailers like Best Buy and Walmart in your country.

If you need any recommendations for home automation products, here’s my Amazon Influencer Shop. Yes, I make money if you buy a product from Amazon through this link, but I’ve only included products I personally recommend. It’s a curated list of high-quality smart home products.

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