Amazon Echo Plus 2nd Generation vs Echo Plus 1st Generation

via IFTTT Amazon Echo Plus 2nd Generation vs Echo Plus 1st Generation

I take the Amazon Echo Plus 2nd Generation and compare it to the Echo Plus 1st Generation device. I also compare the Amazon Echo 2nd Generation to the old Echo device.

The Echo Plus 2nd Generation –
The Echo 2nd Generation –

There are some upgrades when you look at the Amazon Echo Plus 2nd Generation device (otherwise known as Echo Plus 2 or the New Echo Plus). The upgrades include the use of Zigbee in the device and the true integration of Zigbee into the Echo Plus. The Echo Plus 2 versus the Echo Plus is really no contest when you consider the fact that a Zigbee hub has been added. Keep in mind that the Amazon Echo 2 does not have the Zigbee hub in it.

The other major upgrades include the new speaker system found in both the new Echo Plus and the new Echo. There are additional components, including a new woofer and tweeter in both the Echo Plus 2 and the Echo 2. I struggled to tell the difference initially, but then found myself really enjoying the clarity of the Echo Plus 2.

There are of course look/feel upgrades, especially to the Echo 2nd Generation device. There are new “skins” so to speak and both the Echo 2 and Echo Plus 2 look better than their respective predecessors.

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