Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation Unboxing and Initial Setup

via IFTTT Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation Unbox and Initial Setup

The Amazon Echo Dot 3rd generation smart home speaker is here, and it’s time to set it up. Let me walk you through some of the details with this brand new home automation device from Amazon, and give you the details for how to set up the Amazon Echo Dot 3.

The first thing I noticed is how much nicer this device looks. Its packaging is a little more refined, it’s covering suits the Echo 2nd Generation, and overall, it looks like a great addition to almost any room. The soft look and feel of the device is a real difference from the Amazon Echo Dot 2nd generation.

The next thing I noticed is how serious Amazon got when it comes to functionality. The Echo Dot now has 4 far-field microphones and it’s going to be able to hear you well from very far away. What’s more, the device still has its 3.5 mm speaker port. It also has a significantly improved speaker…and when I say significantly improved, I mean it.

Finally, once I got the #Amazon #EchoDot plugged in, I noticed how quick and simple the setup process is. It might have taken me all of 3 minutes to get this thing working, start to finish.

From here, Automate Your Life will be bringing you reviews, and of course all kinds of tutorials to get you set up with your Amazon Echo Dot. This new 3rd generation of Echo Dot also comes with an incredible amount of upgrades within the #Alexa application on iOS or Android.

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