Amazon at CES 2019 – New Products, New Integration, New Features

via IFTTT Amazon at CES 2019 – New Products, New Integration, New Features

I’m back with all the news for Amazon, the Echo series of products, and of course Amazon Alexa. There are a ton of updates and new products and integration to share with you as it relates to #Alexa and #Amazon as a whole.

The biggest news surrounds Ring. We have a new lighting series and the great new Door View Cam, but we also have big steps with the Ring Alarm system. There are 4 new sensors, including a flood/freeze sensor, a smoke/CO sensor, a Dome Siren, and another Smoke/CO alarm from ring themselves. All the sensors are between $30 and $40 USD.

There’s improved smart lock integration on the online Ring store, with the Kwikset Smartcode 888 Touchpad Electronic Deadbolt, the Schlage Connect Smart Z-Wave Deadbolt, and the Yale Real Living Assure Lock SL with Z-Wave Plus all being sold by Ring directly. Further integration is promised with August later this year, and the new Yale Assure Lever Lock is also getting integration. Read more here:

The other big news is the Lenovo Smart Tab – I really like this 10 inch Android Tablet that also sits into a dock and becomes an Echo Show device. That means it has Alexa, could it one day have Google Assistant as well? There are the M10 and the P10 models, which go for $200 and $300 respectively with differences in memory, storage, battery, speakers, cameras.

We also saw integration with Samsung TVs for 2019, although Bixby will be the onboard assistant for Samsung’s TVs.

In the Kitchen – The Kitchen Aid Smart Oven+ has both Alexa and Google Assistant integration so you can adjust settings remotely.
The Gourmia 11-in-1 multicooker has both voice assistants’ integration as well.

The Bathroom

Kohler has released an entire smart bathroom set of products, with lights, intelligent toilet, bath, lighted mirror, a 3 piece vanity, and all can utilize Alexa for voice control. Ditto for the U by Moen Smart Shower.

In the Bedroom

The Caseta by Lutron Fan Speed Control works through the Lutron wireless bridge at $80 USD and will be released in March 2019.

The Stereo Room or Living Room

The Asus Lyra is a $220 Smart Speaker with Alexa, and also a mesh network router. What? Love it. There’s also the Klipsch 48 Watt sound bar with Alexa integration.

All Over The House

The Daiken One+, TP-Link’s whole suite of new products, the additions to the C by GE smart lighting series (multicolor bulbs and a light strip), the Currant Smart Wall Outlet, Tradfri smart blinds, and the Leviton Decora voice dimmer switch (with Alexa on board), are all products that can be put in different rooms throughout the house. All have Alexa integration, and all are brand new.

Ring’s Smart Lighting products – 5 different lights – wireless and wired floodlights, spotlight, path light, step light. There are small motion sensors to trigger automation as well, and the $50 Ring Bridge allows push notifications, sets Ring Cameras recording, and controls smart lighting on motion detection.

There’s also Robotemi, who will follow you around your home and uses Alexa!

At the door, there are a number of new smart doorbells. The Ring Door View Smart Camera is my favorite at $199 (but no launch date). It goes over the actual peep hole on your door and comes with that same guarantee of replacement if stolen. This also really helps for people who live in apartment buildings and can’t make modifications to their place. You can also add privacy zones which digitally block out certain areas…for those in apartments again. Knock sensor too. This thing is crazy good.

There’s the Onelink Bell that integrates with existing Onelink products, the new TP-Link wired smart doorbell, and the Maximus by Kuna (that one has two cameras, with one pointed at packages).

Speaking of at the door, the Schlage Encode Wifi Smart Lock is $250 USD, unless you add an Amazon cloud cam for $50 more.

Out and About

The new Jabra 65H Elite noise-cancelling headphones have Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant on board. You choose one and then use the wake word Assistant to start them up. The Vuzix Blade smart glasses take video, photos, and play music to a connected earbuds. They also display messages, videos, images, etc.. Sony’s WH 1000X series of headphones have added Alexa, and iHome has brought us two new extra rugged outdoor speakers that use Tap to Talk for Alexa integration.

All in all, there are a ton of great products for Alexa at CES 2019!

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