Amazon Alexa New Updates and New Features September 7, 2018

via IFTTT Amazon Alexa New Updates and New Features September 7, 2018
Announcing Contact and Motion Sensor APIs and Integration into Alexa Routines, Unlocking New Customer Scenarios in Home Automation, Monitoring, and Control – Enough said. Samsung SmartThings, contact, and motion sensors with Zigbee, all directly connecting to and utilizing routines on the Alexa app. Love it.
Amazon Alexa is learning how to recognize silly questions and strange wording – Alexa will be learning how to handle your mistakes when you ask her something and make a mistake. She’s continuing to become smarter, basically. – A $129 Echo Show? Yes please. – Alexa is on 20 000 different devices now. Wow.

Amazon launches DIY icon design tool for Alexa skill developers

If you’re a skill developer for Alexa, you now have an opportunity to design a logo on their system.

Bose takes on the HomePod with a $400 Alexa smart speaker – Enough said, again.

Huawei’s Google Home clone has Alexa inside – What an interesting choice for Huawei in terms of look and the voice assistant. It’s also a 4G router.
Anker Soundcore Flare S+, one of many Alexa-enabled speakers announced at IFA 2018 – There were a lot of speakers announced with Alexa on board, in case you didn’t notice.
Toshiba TVs with Alexa built-in let you drop the remote – You’ll need to be in Europe on a 2019 OLED or LCD Toshiba TV though.
Yamaha’s latest turntable streams multi-room audio via WiFi – It can also be used on Airplay and with Alexa, of course

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