Amazon Alexa New Features and Updates for April 22, 2018

via IFTTT Amazon Alexa New Features and Updates for April 22, 2018

The Amazon Alexa continues to forge ahead with new Alexa features in 2018. Amazon continues to update Alexa in 2018 as well, with a number of internal features. This series goes through all of the latest updates related to Amazon Alexa, the Amazon Echo series of products, and anything else Alexa related.

This week we talk about LG jumping into the Smart Home with integration with Alexa and the Google Assistant. Their ThinQ brand of appliances can now be connected to Alexa and controlled via your Echo, Echo Dot, or Echo Plus. You’ll also be able to get some information about your ThinQ LG Appliance.

Kayak, Albuquerque, New Mexico, and a number of cricket teams have come out and have produced skills. Kayak’s skill is useful, as it lets you know when flights have landed or when they’re scheduled to land. That’s useful for those of you with Alexa in your vehicle.

Albuquerque’s 311 skill is an interesting development, as it lets citizens report a number of issues or items that the city would normally take care of (like graffiti, abandoned cars, etc.).

Sonos One is now available in multiple colors (red, yellow, green). Now, if you don’t already know, Sonos One has Alexa on board and the Sonos One speaker already looks great. This is only available for a limited time, so if you want a fun colored smart speaker, here you go.

The Upstage 360 is a new and very interesting smart speaker on Kickstarter. Why is it being talked about in an Alexa related video? Well, you can actually dock an Echo Dot into the top of this smart speaker and then you’ll be able to use Alexa. This is a very interesting development for those of you who have an Echo Dot and have been looking for a great product.

Last this week is a story about a student who’s turned the creation of Alexa skills (David Markey, 22) into a $10k / month money making venture. I tell you about the Alexa developers blog, the Alexa Developers LinkedIn group, and of course, an opportunity with me to produce an Alexa skill for Automate Your Life

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