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Our Approach

Automation and ease is the basis for everything I do.  Helping people connect their lives and their businesses to technology is my biggest strength, and I'm driven to making people's lives easier.

Our Story

Automate Your Life (and Automate Your Business) started in mid-2017 with a simple setup video for our Google Home...which has since been taken down because it was bad.  However, automation and computers have been a part of my life since I was 12.  From the day I brought home my very first computer (a Pentium 1, 75 MHz beast), I have loved everything about technology and the rapid growth of it.  I've always loved integrating it into my life, and it's an easy extension to help others integrate it into theirs.

After I graduated with my degree in Computer Engineering, I immediately started working for a software company.  I learned about testing automation, and then quickly left to join an industrial automation company.  There, I learned to automate everything from pumps, to valves, and everything in between.

Nowadays, I automate everything in my life with the use of consumer-level electronics.  I teach people how to integrate those, and more complicated devices, into their lives.  It's something I truly have a passion for.

Who Am I?

Brian Read

Founder & CEO

Work With Us

We have a number of options for you to market your products, or even to produce how-to videos and content for your products.