2018 Google Home Updates and Features Year in Review

via IFTTT 2018 Google Home Updates and Features Year in Review

Our 2018 Google Home and Google Assistant new features, new updates, and new products videos are some of our most popular. We detail all the latest features for the Google Home and the entire suite of products every 2 weeks so that you’re up to date. However, now what we’re at the end of 2018, we need to recap the entire year of smart home and home automation from Google. Not only that, but I wanted to tell you what grade I think Google deserves for their work in 2018!

Google’s year breaks down to a few events. First up is Google I/O for 2018. This was the year of Duplex, the Maps integration, Gmail Smart Compose and a lot of other AI related capabilities. We also saw the Google Hardware Event provide some new devices: Google Home Hub, Pixel 3/3 XL, and a new V3 Chromecast.

Google also built an incredible amount of languages into the Google Assistant and started selling Google Home in a large number of new countries. There are over 30 languages now for 2018 added into the Google Assistant and over 80 countries with access to Google Assistant or Google Home products.

After that, we saw new products from Google and Nest. Google Clips, the Nest IQ Cam with Google Assistant (an addition to the IQ Cam), Nest Hello, the Nest Temperature Sensor, Google Home Hub, Pixel 3, and the Google Home Mini Aqua.

All in all, there was a lot of growth in products and markets!

From there, we can talk about all the new capabilities and functions that became available on Google Home and the Google Assistant. From Duplex, Continued Conversations, scheduling of routines, the Ambient Mode improvements, contextual light control, Google Duo integration, music alarms and Pandora, Chromecast addition to multi-room audio, the Cast visuals capability, Digital Wellbeing, and many more small changes to Google Home, Google Home Mini, Google Home Hub, and Google Home Max, as well as the Google Assistant.

Now having said all of these great things, there are some things that Google has missed. Duplex is not really out on the market. Sure it’s in a few cities in the US, but it’s nowhere else. Continued Conversations is not available on Smart Displays, the Cast visuals capability isn’t very good, routines are weak when compared to Amazon Alexa, and there’s no Zigbee or Z-wave hub in the Google Home suite of products. There’s also no drop-in type feature, and the new Google Home application has a lot of people confused (although I like it for the most part).

Overall, I’m giving Google a B for 2018, with the sincere belief that 2019 will be greatly improved. My predictions video will be out right away for 2019 smart home and home automation, and it will detail why I think this about Google.

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